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...Internationally Recognized in DOT Federal CFR 49 Part 40 Qualified Drug & Alcohol Collector, Train the Trainer & Supervisor Certification, Policy & Procedure Development & Independent Entrepreneur Contractor Consulting, Coaching & Mentoring.

We Focus On ... Partnership, Education and Experience.

DRUG TESTING EXPOSED "Drug Testing Franchise Alternatives"
RDTS Business Opportunity - Franchise Alternative
Requirements, Disclaimers and Refunds

Why RDTS Prefers Locating Amoung Established DOT CFR 49 part 40 Federal Mandated Drug Testing Businesses: #1 Established DOT CFR 49 part 40 Federal Mandated Drug Testing Businesses Confirm a Viable Market / Need for Service #2 Established DOT CFR 49 part 40 Federal Mandated Drug Testing Businesses Confirm a Need for Break Away Competition #3 RDTS Time Tested Systems and Services Create Satisfied Clients and Promote Exclusivity


Question: Is internet application, CD-ROM, video training acceptable?
Meeting The Minimal Requirements ( Inexpensive - Quick - Easy - Minimal Accountability )

RDTS Answer: Yes absolutely as stated below (Requirements) 40.3: RDTS has retrained, consulted,
and interviewed numerous collectors, trained by these means. RDTS has met very few seasoned
or new drug & alcohol collectors self-trained by these means who can be considered qualified collectors,
proficient or knowledgeable by RDTS standards. Many misinterpret the CFR' and fail
to perform and record the required mock collections properly.

Question: Is classroom instruction always better than the other means?
Earning A Credible Certification ( Affordable, Minimal Time w/ Quality Return, Industry Recognized Accountability )

RDTS Answer: Only if the trainer / instructor is an experienced qualified collector and proficient
collector. The trainer / instructor should also have excellent communication skills.
Every person takes in or interprets information differently. This seems to be a problem
with internet application, CD & Video training, especially with collectors who have years
of bad habits and persons new to the industry with no experience to look back on as a
point of reference. CFR' are most commonly read by attorneys, legal researchers, federal employees and federal contractors.


DOT 49 CFR Part 40.3: What do the terms used in this regulation mean?
Qualification Training. The training required in order for a collector, BAT,
MRO, SAP, or STT to be qualified to perform their functions in the DOT drug and
alcohol testing program. Qualification training may be provided by any appropriate
means (e.g., classroom instruction, internet application, CD-ROM, video).

DOT 49 CFR Part 40.33
(c) Initial Proficiency Demonstration. Following your completion of qualification
training under paragraph (b) of this section, you must demonstrate proficiency in
collections under this part by completing five consecutive error-free mock collections.

(1) The five mock collections must include two uneventful collection scenarios,
one insufficient quantity of urine scenario, one temperature out of range scenario,
and one scenario in which the employee refuses to sign the CCF and initial the specimen
bottle tamper-evident seal.

(2) Another person must monitor and evaluate your performance, in person or by a means
that provides real-time observation and interaction between the instructor and trainee,
and attest in writing that the mock collections are "error-free." This person must be a
qualified collector who has demonstrated necessary knowledge, skills, and abilities by-

i) Regularly conducting DOT drug test collections for a period of at least a year;
(ii) Conducting collector training under this part for a year; or
(iii) Successfully completing a "train the trainer" course.

qualified: Having the appropriate qualifications for an office, position, or task.
proficiency: The state or quality of being proficient; competence
training: The act, process, or art of imparting knowledge and skill

RDTS Note. RDTS certified qualified collectors who excel in this industry frequently take advantage
of RDTS' mentoring for several weeks and even months to ensure proper collections until
they become proficient. The reality is no one can expect to be fully qualified, proficient
or knowledgeable until they experience a variety of real life collections. RDTS certification
training prioritizes attendee confidence and support.

In order to attain RDTS certification as a qualified collector, the attendee must pass
with 90%. Those attendees not meeting the above requirements will be issued a certificate
of training completion but may not be considered for RDTS Qualified Collector certification.

All participants will be required to complete the full course. In the event of unplanned
delays all participants will be expected to stay over for a reasonable period not to
exceed 2 Hrs. RDTS will expect all participants to conduct personal and other business
during breaks and lunch. All cell phones & other paging devices will be turned off during
training. No recording devices will be allowed.


RDTS will refer and promote qualified DOT Federal Mandated Drug testing Businesses collectors to its national TPA's and on site collector providers. RDTS can not guarantee placement or services on the part of either party. RDTS is limited to act in the capacity of a referral source only.


All cancellation notices must be in writing and must be received at the RDTS office in Owego, New York. Cancellation notices received at least 30 days before a scheduled training will receive a full refund Less processing fees/service charge Ie: bank, credit card or restocking etc.. Cancellations made less than 30 days before a scheduled training are not eligible for any refund but may register for a training at some other date.


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