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By: Michael A. Bonventre,
Author: Drug Testing Exposed "Loopholes & Trade Secrets"

The drug test consultant is just that a consultant. He or she consults. They should not have an investment in your business and should not become your partner with ongoing commissioned incentives. The drug test consultant should not sell you online training tapes, supplies and equipment for a commission. This often becomes a conflict of interest and distracts the consultant from focusing on quality training.

The drug test consultant should have practical first hand experience in the industry and should be totally focused on personally training you to be a qualified collector with zero liability when working with public safety employees. The drug test consultant should know how to connect you with proven third party labs, MRO’s and consortium providers from personal experience not low bid enticements.

There are many businesses in many industries that can be consulted by a general business consultant. The drug testing industry is not one of them.

I find that lawyers and general business consultants have no clue how the drug testing industry works. I actually find that rehabilitation centers, drug courts, probation, parole and drug counselors do not understand the actual drug testing procedures that are crucial to their client’s success. That is because it is unique in that it is unlike most businesses governed by the Federal DOT (Department of Transportation) and the state (DHHS) Department of Health and Human Services.

If the drug test consultant is not an actual certified qualified experienced drug test collector they would not be able to comprehend the detailed inner workings of this unique, complicated and extremely challenging industry. The drug test consultant must have experience with DER’s (Designated Employer Representatives) and TPA’s (third Party Administrators) in order to fully understand how to effectively guide their clients into a new successful drug testing business opportunity.

Online trainings are completely inadequate in the drug test industry. This is proven over and over again as the majority of the drug testers I work with need to be re-certified. 100% of the people we recertify admit that they completely misinterpreted the mass certification classes and online training information. It’s like training someone to perform a complex medical procedure by listening to a tape. The drug testing industry is a public safety industry. Anything less than personal one on one quality training will set up the new business or franchise owner for certain failure. There is no glory in creating hundreds of new businesses if they fail as fast as they open. The economy does not benefit when small businesses struggle and fail.

In closing I invite you to call everyone else then call Rapid Drug Test Systems if you want to start a drug testing business, rescue your struggling drug test business or would like to spend a day with an experienced, nationally recognized drug test consultant.


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