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...Internationally Recognized in DOT Federal CFR 49 Part 40 Qualified Drug & Alcohol Collector, Train the Trainer & Supervisor Certification, Policy & Procedure Development & Independent Entrepreneur Contractor Consulting, Coaching & Mentoring.

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DRUG TESTING EXPOSED "Drug Testing Franchise Alternatives"
RDTS Business Opportunity - Franchise Alternative
Drug & Alcohol Franchises Don’t Make Sense!
Unique Proprietary Systems or Misguided Investment?

By: Mike Bonventre,
Author: Drug Testing Exposed “Loopholes & Trade Secrets”

Franchises are most commonly cloned businesses that are unique to an industry. Most franchises are built on proprietary systems and products designed specifically by the founder or creator of the franchise designed to give you name brand recognition in a specific industry.

Drug testing franchises are governed by the same rules and regulations and directives of the (DOT) Department of Transportation and (DHHS) Department of Health and Human Services as every other drug and alcohol testing and collection provider. Drug and alcohol products, i.e. alcohol devices and instant screening devices all have manufacturer (MSDS) Material Safety Data Sheets & (QAP) Quality Assurance Provisions that dictate how each product and device is to be used and maintained.

In an industry swarming with mass certification providers the key to success is a unique individual identity that highlights your commitment to your personal name and your reputation for quality, Integrity and personal service to your clients.

In this trillion dollar industry of safety, profit and loss culture, clients are not exclusive to any drug and alcohol collection provider by name. It is the newest, most convenient and cost effective drug and alcohol testing and collection provider that meet their needs. It is all about the bottom line and personal relationships. Catchy names, high tech websites and clever marketing may catch their eye but only trusted word of mouth referrals; quality and personal service will get you in the door and keep you there.

Everything you need to run a successful drug and alcohol testing and collection business can be acquired by hiring an experienced consultant that can personally train and coach you through the start-up process. Not a partner in your pocket. You need a personal consultant who is in the industry and will guide and mentor you until you are comfortable to go it alone and be beholding only to your entrepreneurial spirit.

**Questions to ask when getting ready to invest your life savings:

What are you getting for an investment that is 3 to 5 times more than you can spend on your own, independent business?

Does your franchise package include all the certifications that you need by the franchise or do you need to spend more money on outsourced mass certification providers?

Will you have direct personal access and an experienced trainer / consultant 24/7 for emergencies, marketing and networking assistance?

Why would you pay for restrictive territories when you could be free to work anywhere in the US and Canada?

Can your business reputation be tarnished by just a couple disreputable independent franchisees?

Do you believe successful businesses last because they spend a lot of money and look great or because they are trained properly have quality support and perform great?

Do you believe if it cost more it must be worth more or do you believe firsthand knowledge and personal experience from your independent business opportunity consultant can be priceless?


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Drug testing business startupDrug testing business startup
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