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DRUG TESTING EXPOSED "Drug Testing Franchise Alternatives"
RDTS Business Opportunity - Franchise Alternative
Drug Testing Exposed
Loopholes and Trade Secrets

The Drug and Alcohol Testing Franchise Alternative!

Drug Testing Exposed " Loopholes & Trade Secrets" can be purchased at Create Space and at

Franchises are great if you want to run an established fast food or product company or canít compete with a TM or Brand that is nationally or world known for its consistency & proprietary products and methods. The drug and alcohol collection industry is completely different. There are no proprietary Brands, TMís or secrets. The entire business operating plan is created by the federal DOT (Department of Transportation) and DHHS (Department of Health & Human Services) rules and regulations. At best all you need is a successful drug and alcohol business certification provider/consultant to get you started and to stay with you for only as long as you need. While there really is not a lot to learn, what you must learn is very precise and there are many opportunities for you to diversify and grow as you master each stage of your business. Franchises donít have any exclusive rights to drug and alcohol clients and providers or flexibility in the way services must be performed. Many Franchises lock in big name clients by promising low bids. Sometimes too low to make a profit. Franchises may get you in the door but only you can secure your longevity with the client. Many large corporations have returned to individual quality providers after years of substandard cookie cutter experiences.

The key to success in the Drug & Alcohol collection industry is individuality compliance and integrity. Franchises in this industry may quickly become labeled by the actions of just a small number of poor providers who represent that particular name. As far as poor providers goes the list is extremely long. Drug testing is for sale to the closest, cheapest and most easily accessible provider as long as you have a certification. No amount of money in the world will buy you lasting credibility if you are not in full control of your business. Only you as a private owner can ensure your lasting reputation and good name. Once in this industry you will quickly find out just how extremely small it is. Especially with all of the information communication and networking tools that are available.

I have known and consulted many franchise owners in multiple industries over the years and all of them say the same thing. I paid a lot of money to pretend I am the boss. In reality you are working for a clone of someone elseís business and must follow that business plan even if it is a little out dated. You may have to agree to spend money you donít have to advertise according to the franchises overall marketing plan even though it will not do your business any good at all. You may be limited in adding products and services that are exclusive to your region. The big issue I hear over and over is exclusive rights and territories being altered or challenged. Then what about the copy cat franchises and individuals that move in next door or across the street? Buying a franchise is a little like buying a house? The bank commitment doesnít change just because the neighborhood is in constant flux and you canít pay or sell. You may not be able to pick up and move or adjust as any successful business must in changing times and markets.

In short I can show you how to start your own successful drug and alcohol collection business for a fraction of the cost of a franchise. The full guidance and support of a franchise and give you all the freedom an entrepreneur should want and have to secure his/her investment and dream that no franchise can provide.

Call me before you over spend tens of thousands of dollars to place your future under someone elseís control and reputation. First make a list of questions and call several franchise providers/brokers. Mark each question with an A (answered) or SP (sales pitch). Take note of the number of unsolicited phone calls e-mails and costly brochures you start receiving.

Things to question: Source of accreditations, names of guaranteed clients, names of TPA's "third party administrators" *****Compensation for services?, guarantee of regions/territories, cost of websites and other promotional commitments, the continuing cost of support and membership fees. Is the support live 24/7 for emergencies?

Compare my answers and know I will not send you unsolicited requests. I have great faith in your ability to know what is best for you.

By Michael A. Bonventre, Author:
Drug Testing Exposed "Loopholes and Trade Secrets"


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