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Affordable Mobile & Fixed Site Drug & Alcohol Business Opportunity

Unique Drug & Alcohol Franchise Alternatives

One of A Kind Business & Franchise Rescue Consulting, Coaching & Mentoring Since 1999

Drug Trafficking & Crime Prevention Consulting & Lectures Since 1982

...Internationally Recognized in DOT Federal CFR 49 Part 40 Qualified Drug & Alcohol Collector, Train the Trainer & Supervisor Certification, Policy & Procedure Development & Independent Entrepreneur Contractor Consulting, Coaching & Mentoring.

We Focus On ... Partnership, Education and Experience.

DRUG TESTING EXPOSED "Drug Testing Franchise Alternatives"
RDTS Business Opportunity - Franchise Alternative
Drug Testing Collection Business Opportunity ~ Entrepreneur ~ Franchise Opportunity

By Mike Bonventre, Drug & Alcohol Entrepreneur Business Opportunity Certification Trainer / Consultant

What are they?

Business Opportunity A ongoing opportunity to generate income as an independent representative

Entrepreneur One who organizes, manages and assumes the risks of a business or enterprise

Rapid Drug Test Systems: Drug Testing Entrepreneur Business Opportunity

RDTS 30 year entrepreneur business consultants will offer established operating systems, trainings, certifications, referrals, account set ups and continuing support required by the federally mandated DOT 49 part 40 code of federal regulations (CFR’s) that govern the drug and alcohol testing and collection industry. Unlike franchises you will pay only a onetime fee with no continuing contractual future fees, obligations or restrictions of any kind.

As a true entrepreneur/business owner you will have complete control of every aspect of running “your” business. First you will have a unique name that reflects who and what “your” business represents. You will not be judged by the negative actions of others who share a common name or be praised for being an obedient manager of a controlled protocol. You will own and manage your own website and advertising agendas. You will be able to operate or create as many new businesses as desired anywhere in the world absolutely restriction and fee free. There are no restrictions on where you do business or who you purchase your products and services from. On average you will save $75,000 as a new start-up entrepreneur in the drug and alcohol testing and collection business industry.

The drug and alcohol testing and collection industry like many others is an extremely tight and interwoven community. We all have access to the same referral data banks, labs and third party providers. Once established I personally don’t see the need for endless financial obligations.

Franchise A form of business organization in which a firm which already has a product or service (the franchisor) enters into a continuing contractual relationship with other businesses (franchisees) operating under the franchisor's trade name and usually with the franchisor's guidance, in exchange for a fee. Some of the most popular franchises in the United States include Subway, McDonalds, and 7-Eleven.

I am personally confused about how owning a franchise in the drug and alcohol testing and collection industry can be described as being an entrepreneur or business owner by definition. I became a self employed entrepreneur/business owner because I did not want a mundane tightly structured job that would crush my creative spirit. In my opinion buying a drug and alcohol franchise is a loophole that allows a person to pay a large initial fee and continuing contractual fees for a management position with a copycat business chain under the official label of owner in an industry that does not require the use of privately created proprietary systems.

Any person can apply to be paid to be trained as a manager of a national chain or you can pay large sums of money to be trained to manage with a sign that says franchise owner rather than manager. As a franchise owner you will enter into a continuing contractual relationship in exchange for a fee. You in essence pay a continuing fee to be told how to run “your” business, how and when to advertise “your” business, what products to buy for “your” business and who to buy them from.

In a franchise everything is dictated to mimic a controlled format for consistency in relation to all other businesses with the same name. If there is a flood, fire, tornado or other natural disaster you must rebuild in that purchased high risk territory or get permission to relocate from the franchisor and pay again for new territory restrictions. If a spouse is relocated or for personal reasons you decide to move you must first find out if there are open territories available in your desired new destination. You will likely have to purchase new territory rights. Like any manager of any chain you must ask and wait for franchisor permission to make any decision that is not preapproved in your continuing contractual agreement. A agreement which you paid for and continue to pay to be restricted by and obligated to.


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