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...Internationally Recognized in DOT Federal CFR 49 Part 40 Qualified Drug & Alcohol Collector, Train the Trainer & Supervisor Certification, Policy & Procedure Development & Independent Entrepreneur Contractor Consulting, Coaching & Mentoring.

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DRUG TESTING EXPOSED "Drug Testing Franchise Alternatives"
RDTS Business Opportunity - Franchise Alternative
Business Opportunity (Franchise Alternatives)
Success Simplified

By: Mike Bonventre
Inspirational Business Coach / Consultant / Mentor/ Speaker

(Give Success A chance) Commerce has been happening for thousands of years. Wanting to do it better is a natural human instinct. Starting out attempting to recreate something that others are already succeeding at before you learn how to do it yourself is just BAD BUSINESS! You have to learn how to do it like everyone else. Then and only then try to do it better or teach others. Ancient civilizations around the world all conducted logistics, and enterprise with great success. Goods and services have been successfully transported across land and sea for thousands of years.

Topics of Discussion:

Breaking Out of Your Herd Mentality

Discovering The Tiny Difference Between Success & Failure

Discovering How To Activate Your Success Gene

Discovering How Successful People Think

Are Your Goals and Priorities Properly Aligned?

Are Your Employee Satisfaction and Compensation Programs In Line With Your Client/Customer Satisfaction Programs?

Are Your Systems Checks and Balances For Internal Theft Existing, Practical and Working?

Are Your Policy and Procedures Working?

How To Eradicate Overdue Accounts Receivables?

How To Drastically Lower Advertising Expenses?

Market Without Money?

Mike Bonventre shares proven Business Techniques he uses to consult any struggling business owner back into the black and create new businesses entrepreneurs who succeed against established/existing competition in any industry.

The question is, can you break out of your herd mentality?

All RDTS Events Are Interactive and Encourage Unscripted Audience Participation.


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Drug testing business startupDrug testing business startup
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