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Affordable Mobile & Fixed Site Drug & Alcohol Business Opportunity

Unique Drug & Alcohol Franchise Alternatives

One of A Kind Business & Franchise Rescue Consulting, Coaching & Mentoring Since 1999

Drug Trafficking & Crime Prevention Consulting & Lectures Since 1982

...Internationally Recognized in DOT Federal CFR 49 Part 40 Qualified Drug & Alcohol Collector, Train the Trainer & Supervisor Certification, Policy & Procedure Development & Independent Entrepreneur Contractor Consulting, Coaching & Mentoring.

We Focus On ... Partnership, Education and Experience.

DRUG TESTING EXPOSED "Drug Testing Franchise Alternatives"
RDTS Business Opportunity - Franchise Alternative
Competition or Leader?
How To Start Your New Business As A Leader
or Rescue Your Sruggling Business

Millionaires, multi- millionaires and billionaires always see themselves as being better than the rest in any industry and are never satisfied to just meet their goals. Leaders always strive to be better and compete only with themselves. Leaders never settle to be as good as the best in their industry. The definition of a leader is one who leaves the rest to compete for second place

Rapid Drug Test Systems was created because nobody in the area was doing drug testing better than anyone else. I was a drug prevention consultant with no qualified providers to refer my clients to. Before RDTS opened we notified the 15 providers in the 2 mile wide 10 mile long valley that RDTS planned to raise the standards in the entire industry. We even offered to help two of them become qualified providers which would prevent us from getting into the industry. We informed them RDTS would start as the competition and as the highest priced provider in the area. From day one RDTS became the competitor and the existing providers became followers. There are not many entrepreneurs and I havenít discovered any franchises, clinics or agencies capable of providing the quality, consistency, customer service and added value that RDTS teaches and provides.

The most successful entrepreneurs understand that all the money, education and experience in the world can be useless without the basic understanding of business and human nature.

Starting a new business or want to rescue a struggling business? Contact Mike Bonventre / Consultant


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Drug testing business startupDrug testing business startup
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